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Susanne Rieger ist eine Politikwissenschaftlerin aus München. Sie und Gerhard Jochem aus Nürnberg wollten ihre Publikationen über dieses Medium ergänzen bzw. zugänglich machen. Die Webseite steht seit Juni 1999 im Internet offen zur Verfügung. Das Meiste in Englisch, oft auch zweisprachig.

Engl. Originaltext - about us

On June 8, 1999, we, the political scientist Susanne Rieger from Munich and the contempo- rary historian and archivist Gerhard Jochem from Nuremberg, started the homepage rijo- Our intention was to create an independent and non-commercial platform for topics, people and their stories not being in the mainstream of the media, in addition to our publications in books, magazines and newspapers. Since then, the criteria for consideration remained the same: We write about anything which subjectively appeals to us as being worth of writing about, which we strongly like or dislike, preferably in Nuremberg and Munich, whether concerning history, urban development or architecture - and try not to lose our sense of humor when doing so. At the same time we offer web space and our by now well established brand name to people who share our views.

Consequently the dynamics of the project caused a widening of its scope regarding the times, spaces and subjects which are covered. With this approach we succeeded in initiating public discussions, e.g. about forced labor during WW2 in the Nuremberg region and its compensa- tion, supplying facts which eventually led to political action, lately the creation of the memo- rial on Plärrer square in October 2007. By such activities we did not only make friends but our coat of arms displays a (when it has to be) pugnacious porcupine and in moments of doubt the truth is a guideline which always can be trusted. Thus a lot is left to be done, particularly research on the perpetrators of Nazi injustice before and after 1945 or the volatile fashions of Erinnerungskultur.

An essential part of our concept has always been to reach out to eyewitnesses such as Jewish refugees, former forced laborers or prisoners of war and migrants, for which purpose rijo- is bilingual German and English since its beginnings. Later we were able to in- clude also texts in other foreign languages by various guest authors.

on March 5, 2006, rijo 2.0 went online.

the magazine and book series transit nürnberg which we introduced to the public in March 2007. Its title and contents embody our entire philosophy, 2010 in its 4th issue, a German-English book of 300 pages dealing with the rela- tions between this city and the USA since 1945.

Starting in May 2011 we are also present in the social media, paralleling the structure of our website by a German Facebook site of testimon print and an English branch by the customary name of which since October 2012 we use for our German Twitter channel, too (@rijo_research). Its English pendant is dedicated to our idol as far as humor and human- ity are concerned, Julius Groucho Marx: @julius_marx.

Artikel zu Bayern und München auf ihrer Webseite

… und auf deutsch !

Index Bavaria

    • Links and Addresses for Jewish History in Bavaria
    • Chronology of the History of the Jews in Bavaria 906 - 1945
    • The "Edict of June 10, 1813 Regarding the Status of Persons of Jewish Faith in the Kingdom of Bavaria"
    • The Nuremberg-Fuerth Hall of Fame
    • Cham (Upper Palatine)
  • Cham: Dates from the Jewish history of Cham, Town map of Cham with sites related to the local Jewish history, The cemetery of the former Jewish community of Cham
  • The destruction of the synagogue and the Jewish community in Forchheim, Upper Franconia (Bavaria, Germany) by Ludwig Bauer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
    • Places of Jewish Life in the District of Fuerth
    • Funerals and graves at the Jewish cemetery in Ermershausen (Lower Franconia)
    • Thoughts on the cradle of Hebrew printing in Bavaria
    • The Hebrew Printers of Sulzbach in Upper Palatine
    • The Kupfer & Glaser glass dynasty and the Frankenreuth glass foundry by Dr. Michael Mueller
    • The Life of Sigmund Seligsberger (1863 - 1949): from Franconia to the U.S.
    • The Exclusion of Jewish Lawyers in Bavaria in December 1938
    • Genealogical Research by David B. Marblestone
      • The Descendants of Salomon Bamberger and Esther Kann
      • The Family of Jesaias Oberndorfer and Fanny Bauer
      • The Family of Ferdinand Hahn and Jette Oberndorfer
    • Neumarkt - Fuerth - Riga - USA (by Ernest Haas)
    • A Letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum by Ernest Haas
    • Prof. Ludwig Bauer: Our visits to Germany in 1987 & 1998 (Wuerzburg, Wiesenfeld, Thuengen, Forchheim, Ottensoos, Nuremberg, Munich)
    • Destroyed Lives Cannot Be Resuscitated - The Rindsbergs of Mainstockheim (by Walter Reed)
  • Über: NAZISM
  • Instruction of the Gestapo for the first deportation of Franconian Jews on November 29, 1941 to Riga-Jungfernhof (Latvia), translated by Willie Glaser
  • The German Adressbuch 1942: Bavaria

  • Über: WORLD WAR II
  • 2710 former "Ostarbeiter" are waiting for compensation (list of names)
  • Allied soldiers and resistance fighters from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area during WW2
  • Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fuerth: Stephen S. Mosbacher (1923 - K.I.A. 1945)
  • Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fuerth: Henry Schueftan (born 1914)
  • An American POW 1945 in Hammelburg and Nuremberg

  • America House Nuremberg - Northern Bavaria's direct line to the United States
  • Switch to freedom: A hijacked train dashing through the Czech-German border in 1951
  • Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and their predecessors from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area
  • Nuremberg & Graf - almost 40 years later

es folgen einige


Index Munich


  • Chronology of Munich's Jewish History 1229 - 1945
  • Biographies
    • In Memoriam: Ludwig Feuchtwanger (28.11.1885 - 17.07.1947) by Prof. Edgar Feuchtwanger
    • Heinz Freudenthal (25.4.1905 in Danzig - 29.5.1999 in Munich)
    • Prof. Dr. Gottfried Merzbacher (Dec. 9, 1843 in Baiersdorf - April 14, 1926 in Munich)
    • Dr. Elias and Dr. Rahel Straus, née Goitein
  • Traces of the Jewish-Christian banker family Seligmann-Eichthal at Munich's old southern cemetery
  • Two Photos make History. The 10th March 1933 in the Life of Dr. Michael Siegel by Isabel A.
  • From Siegel to Sinclair: The story of a Jewish family in our times
  • Vanishing Point Munich: The Jewish Trade School 1937 - 1942
  • The deportation of Polish Jews residing in Germany: The events in Munich, October 1938 (by Willie Glaser)
  • My connection to Nuremberg by Inge Sadan, born in Munich
  • List of Munich's Victims of the Shoah (Link zur Liste im Internet)
  • A new synagogue for Munich: the history of the Project St.-Jakobs-Platz 1999 - 2007


  • Remembering G.I.s in Munich (teribloG)
  • Photos of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich (Facebook)


  • Commemoration of the terrorist attack 1972 in Munich (2012)
  • Oriental Munich: Photographic traces of the sons and daughters of the dessert or their effigies in Munich


  • The Munich Readery English Bookstore, Augustenstrasse 104
  • Munich Walk Tours Guided English Tours in Munich and at Dachau Concentration Camp

Bücher und Publikationsliste

von anderen

  • Andreas Heusler, Tobias Weger: “Kristallnacht”. Gewalt gegen die Münchner Juden im November 1938, München, 1998.

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